Bitcoin Core The only true Bitcoin

Bitcoin Core has reimagined what Bitcoin is. As the reference client, our visions are official and all other clients and chains are frauds.

Purge Complete

We have successfully removed all developers and fans who disagree with our roadmap.

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We have partnered with banks and governments to ensure that challenges to our supremacy will fail

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Worldwide Army

We have thousands of fans who rabidly follow our orders, no matter what we say or what decisions we make.

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The Lightning Network

Rather than maintaining the proven technology Bitcoin is based on, we've thrown everything behind The Lightning Network. All we have to do is find an efficient way to solve the Traveling Salesman Problem, the most difficult routing problem in 200 years, on RaspberryPi's.

  • Allows us to monetize your transactions
  • Our volunteers are smarter than all the mathematicians in the last 200 years

Just wait

We would rather you stop using Bitcoin until the Traveling Salesman Problem is solved and the Lightning Network is ready.

HODL, don't spend!

The Bitcoin blockchain is not able to support regular business or user transactions without upgrades, but we can't upgrade it or people won't need to use the Lightning Network.

For now, just stop using Bitcoin and use Paypal or set up a tab with your favorite businesses and perform a single Bitcoin transaction every few years.

Whatever you do, do not use another cryptocurrency like BCash because they are all frauds! Only the Lightning Network is the true future of online payments.

DO NOT USE BCASH! It may work, but it's not the true Bitcoin! They cannot be allowed to succeed or people won't be forced to use the Lightning Network!

Evil Temptations

There are other cryptocurrencies, but resist them! They are all frauds since they aren't the one-true cryptocurrency Bitcoin


A fork of Bitcoin that decided to scale to support greater usage using the proven blockchain technology. Just because it works and is what Bitcoin was originally intended to be doesn't mean that it's what we want Bitcoin to be now. Without us being in charge and without it using our Lightning Network, it's a fraud.

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When Vitalik Buterin wanted to contribute his ideas to Bitcoin, we turned him away because it didn't fit our plans for the Lightning Network. He made a new cryptocurrency called Ethereum that supports tokens and smart contracts. While millions of people and businesses use it daily, it's a fraud because it's not run by us.

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Our Amazing Team

We've purged all the original people involved with Bitcoin because they didn't agree with our vision of a centralized Lightning Network that allows us to earn money from everyone that uses the network. What's left is the best developers in the world who agree with our vision.

Adam Back President, Blockstream
Gregory Maxwell CTO, Blockstream
Resigned in disgrace
Luke Dashjr Consultant, Blockstream
Matt Corrallo Consultant, Blockstream


We need more people to fight other cryptocurrencies from growing because it's a threat to our business model. If you want to be paid to attack the growth of other cryptos, please contact us!

Build something

If you sign a pledge to support our decisions without question, sign an NDA, and attack all other crypotocurrencies, you're welcome to be a part of the Bitcoin family.

Building Businesses

Once we figure out how to make the Lightning Network work and kill off the old Bitcoin Blockchain, we'll need merchants to accept it.

Grow your market

Our supporters will do what we tell them. If you pledge your allegiance to us, we'll tell them to use your services and they will blindly obey.


By joining our family, you will be immune to DDoS and troll attacks that our supporters perform. If you do not join us, you're fair game.